This guide helps you integrate the elKYC (Allpass) SDK into your Web Application and start the verification flow

This document explains how to integrate the verification flow directly into your web application through our JavaScript component to verify the identity of your users. This stage might be at the signup page of your application, or at a later point to enrich the profiles of your users. The guide assumes the preliminary steps have already been completed as explained in the overview section of the documentation.

You can either follow the integration guide or watch the integration tutorial that shows the same steps. Please be aware that some property or function names might have slightly changed with newer versions. Make sure to compare your implementation with the latest code snippets here in the documentation.


  • Read passport data using a smartphone or webcam

  • Doc type identification (Machine Learning)

  • Parsing doc data (OCR)

  • Document authenticity control (data cross-check from visual zone, chip, MRZ)

  • Document ownership checks

  • Liveness detection

  • Face match

  • AML

  • Questionnaire

  • OTP

  • Device verification

  • IP verification + geoIP

  • Data input automation (into client’s software)

  • Web workplace

  • And much more


Mobile Browser

More Browsers Partial support

Desktop Browser

More Browsers Partial support

Partial Support - Frequent camera behavior changes cause incompatibilities

Not supported - Custom camera behavior prevents support

Last updated

elKYC - 2023