There is only one step available with the Diia SDK

Diia step

Allows to obtain document form the Diia.

By press on the Proceed button the user will be led to the Diia application, if it was installed to the device

By press on the Terminate button the verification flow will be stopped

diiaStep {
    title = "You will be forwarded to sign in your Diia application"
    description = "Make sure you have installed Diia application"
    image = R.drawable.img_diia_intro
    btnProceed = "Proceed"
    titleSuccess = "Your documents are successfully retrieved"
    imageSuccess = R.drawable.img_diia_success
    titleFail = "Sorry, we were not able to retrieve your documents"
    descriptionFail = "We will check the information and a bank specialist will contact you"
    imageFail = R.drawable.img_diia_fail
    btnTerminate = "Finish"
    nextStep = nextStep
  • title - title field (optional)

  • description - description text (optional)

  • image - image (optional)

  • btnProceed - text on the Proceed button (optional)

  • titleSuccess - title in successful case scenario (optional)

  • imageSuccess - image in successful case scenario (optional)

  • titleFail - title in fail case scenario (optional)

  • descriptionFail - text that explains user what can be done after fail case scenario

  • imageFail - image in fail case scenario (optional)

  • btnTerminate - text on the Terminate button (optional)

  • nextStep - next step (optional)

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