Steps usage

To make a chain of the process flow just specify next step in the nextStep property. As a rule, it is optional and if it isn't specified it will be last step in the chain. Some of steps depends on previous of following, it is indicated in their descriptions.
val steps = welcomeStep {
title = "Get ready to scan your documents"
text = "Prepare your document and move to a place with good lighting"
image = R.drawable.img_intro
btnProceed = "Select a document"
nextStep = documentCaptureStep {
docType = DocType.ID_CARD
title = "Travel document photo"
instruction = "Make sure the lighting is good and take a photo. Or download from the photo library"
btnCapture = "Take a photo"
image = R.drawable.img_doc_intro
mask = R.drawable.img_doc_mask
nextStep = confirmStep {
title = "Make sure that:"
criteriaList = confirmCriteria
btnRetry = "Retake"
btnProceed = "Ready for next"
nextStep = finishStep {
title = "Thank you!"
text = "The documents have been sent for verification to our employees. We will send you a notification when everything is ready."
btnProceed = "Got it!"
image = R.drawable.img_finish