You can pass in different handler functions like the onLoad, onStart, onRestart, onPassStep, onComplete or onError method to handle different events of the verification flow to the init function.

  onLoad: () => {},
  onRestart: ({appKey, transactionId, clientSession}) => {},
  onStart: ({appKey, transactionId, clientSession}) => {},
  onPassStep: ({appKey, transactionId, stepType, clientSession}) => {},
  onComplete: ({appKey, transactionId, clientSession}) => {},
  onError: ({appKey, transactionId, error, stepType, clientSession}) => {},

If user doesn't finish verification process and current session is still active - we can automatically start this verification. In order to make it you should call restart after init method.


Also it could be chaining with an init method:

  .init({onComplete: ({appKey, transactionId, clientSession}) => {}})

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